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The entrepreneur talks her new shopping app and so much more.

As many adjust to working from home—Team Coveteur included—tips on how to stay focused and motivated are more welcome than ever (as are snack and music recommendations). So each week we’re checking in with friends to see how they’re adjusting to life at home. Today we’re chatting with Taylor Tomasi Hill, the Moda Operandi and Forty Five Ten alum who just launched her new AI-powered app THE YES. Check out her hilarious WFH routine, and shop the products keeping her sane right now!

What do you find yourself having for breakfast?

Taylor Tomasi Hill: “Well, this AM I had a doughnut the size of my head—a special treat from my favorite @moreishdonuts in Dallas! But on the reg, I’m pretty consistent: one scrambled egg smothered in @mariesharps hot sauce, and an almost burnt (OK, often burnt—I can never get the timing just right!) english muffin with walnut butter and honey—I’m a sweet AND spicy kind of gal.”

Coffee, tea, or neither? How do you drink your coffee or tea?

TTH: “Both, with oat milk and honey.”

Do you work in silence, or do you like to have music on in the background?

TTH: “Music when I am not on a Zoom.”

What’s on your WFH playlist?

TTH: “Recently, the mornings ALWAYS start off with ‘Africa’ by Toto (my girlfriend refers to it as yacht rock), then we move into a little Alanis Morissette. By the afternoon we are going hard on an eclectic mix of east-meets-west old-school rap and a lot of Lost Immigrants.”

Are you incorporating movement or exercise into your daily routine?

TTH: “Does walking to the kitchen to refill my wine count? That or an early-morning trampoline session with my son, Wells.”

Do you take breaks throughout the day, or grind straight through?

TTH: “Grinder! Sometimes I even forget to eat.”

What is your biggest WFH distraction?

TTH: “Flat Larry and Flat Molly—they’re so needy!”

How do you stay focused and motivated throughout the day?

TTH: “I’m extremely passionate about what I do, and I have a great soundtrack (thanks, Chase!).”

Lunch break, or snack all day?

TTH: “Blueberries and Green Meanies, all day, errday.”

Do you adhere to a strict schedule, or freestyle your day?

TTH: “I set a plan the night before based on my calendar, but realistically, it changes hourly.”

Who is your entrepreneurial inspiration?

TTH: “Julie Bornstein (naturally), Kelly Wearstler, Victoria Velez, Gary Kusin, Amy Astley, Amanda Brooks, Nikki Kule, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Joanna Czech.”

What do you miss most about going into the office?

TTH: “The only time I see the inside of an office is when I travel to our HQs in San Francisco and New York. I miss the people.”

What does your video conference wardrobe look like?

TTH: “Casual tee, a vintage Gucci sweatshirt, and maybe statement necklace if you’re lucky. Watch the video; that’s my life!”

What are you reading right now?

TTH: “I’ve started (and stopped) a book seven times. I’m watching MasterClass late nights and bingeing Ozark.”

How do you unwind at the end of the day?

TTH: “My poor inbox is neglected all day. Nothing is more rewarding than hitting that elusive inbox 0.”

How do you foresee this period of time impacting your industry?

TTH: “It took a pandemic for our industry to pause. We’ve all been talking about ‘fixing’ what’s broken, but were moving too fast to prioritize a much-need re-evaluation. In my opinion, brands should show twice a year and have monthly or bi-weekly drops to keep the inventory fresh. Let’s trim the fat, people, so we have time to be inspired again.

“The current situation has really shaken the industry—from the store closings to bankruptcies to supply-chain disruptions. The retail and fashion industry is in a completely uncertain state. What we set out to build at THE YES is a business model that made sense for brands and shoppers, while eliminating issues like holding inventory and shooting photography to make the business more sustainable. This, now more than ever, is the way forward, and I’m proud to be working in a business that’s building the future state of the industry and supporting brands and designers.”

What products are you relying on now?

TTH: Augustinus Bader, Crème Rich. I suffer from terribly dry skin, and this is the one product I cannot live without. Vitamix for Mean Greenies. Ruby at Michael Flores (she gets the red just right in Dallas). Gion and Stephen at Studio B Salon (they get the red just right in New York).”

Inspirational mantra that’s helping you during this time?

TTH: “I’m at THE YES—that’s my mantra!”