The Kit FAQs

Are the products suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, all 7 products are clinically tested and confirmed as non-irritants and non-sensitizing.

Are the products safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding? 

Yes, all of the ingredients in each formulation are considered GRAS - Generally recognized as safe. 

Are the products in The Kit safe to use on the eyes?

Yes, all 7 products are epi-ocular tested and safe to use around the eyes.

Are the products in The Kit fragrance-free?

The Toner, The C+ Serum, The Soothing Serum, The Cream, The Balm and The Face Mask are fragrance-free. The Cleansing Wipes have a refreshing hint of natural rosemary essential oil. 

What is the pH of The Toner? 

The Toner’s pH is 5.75 for the most optimal results.

Why is my skincare changing color? 

Joanna Czech Skincare products have a high % of powerful actives, some of which are naturally dark amber color, which may change the color of the formula over time. This change in color does not affect the overall safety and efficacy of the products in any way.

Is the Vitamin C in The C+ serum okay to use during the day in the sun?

Yes, The C+ Serum contains highly stable Vitamin C, which makes it safe for everyday sun exposure, and it can be used day and night.

Is The Kit cruelty-free?

Yes, every formula is cruelty-free.

Can I use The Cleansing Wipes to replace my cleanser?

No, The Cleansing Wipes should not replace your cleanser and are meant refresh on the go. These sheets are made in Japan of 100% cotton that is biodegradable.

What is the shelf life of the The Kit?

The shelf life of The Kit is a minimum of 2 years. 

Is The Kit TSA friendly?

Yes, each product is less than 3.4 ounces (100mL) and The Toner, The C+ Serum, The Soothing Serum, The Cream and The Balm come in a clear recycled EVA pouch that is TSA friendly.

Can I incorporate these products with my favorite skincare products that I am already using?

Yes, The Kit products are made to mix with each other, as well as with your favorite products from other brands. They are all gentle and supportive.

If I run out of products, how can I order more?

These essential Joanna Czech products will always be available on our website and in our studios.

Why does the pouch have so many compartments?

The Kit was designed to make your skincare routine easier no matter where you are. The extra compartments are to hold all of your necessities. From devices to toothpaste, they can all fit into one elegant pouch.  The Travel Pouch is stain and water-resistant. 

My buckle on The Travel Pouch keeps opening.

Our buckles were made to mimic an airplane seatbelt. Just like with an airline buckle - press the tab all the way in till you hear the click to secure full closure.