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Hello Joanna,

Lately my skin has been really inconsistent and I’ve been noticing more and more breakouts. I am not sure what products to use and the best skin routine to commit to that will help get my skin back to normal. Help!

Experiencing breakouts due to a change in environment, diet, and other aspects that can add stress to your skin is normal. Having a consistent, core skin routine combined with the right products is important in keeping your skin in check.

One of my go-to brands, Environ, has recently developed a line called Focus Care Clarity + Range dedicated to treating acne and improving the appearance of breakout-prone skin.

Cleansing and toning the skin go hand in hand and are essential to every skin care routine. Envrion’s acne line comes in simple phases; Phase 1: Clean, Phase 2: Control, Phase 3: Clear. 

Phase 1: Clean

The first step of Phase 1 is the Sebu-Wash Gel Cleanser. It is a mattifying foaming cleanser with Salicylic Acid and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) to help treat existing blemishes and prevent new ones from surfacing, all while riding the skin of any excess dirt and oil.

The second step of the Clean Phase is the Botanical Infused Sebu-Tone Clarifier - it has a wide range of added benefits to treat your skin. Following the cleanser, use this toner to remove the build-up of dead surface skin and minimize the appearance of an oily shine. This product also helps to brighten the appearance of uneven skin tone and contains and antiseptic that helps to control irritated red skin.

Phase 2: Control

Adding the Vita-Botanical Sebu-ACE Oil to your lotion is a great way to insure your skin is receiving added botanical and vitamin-enriched oils. The Hydroxy Acid Sebu-Lac Lotion is a non-oily lotion designed to help prevent visible signs of breakouts while improving the overall appearance of the skin with the added benefits of Lactic Acid as a gentle exfoliant.

Phase 3: Clear

Every second or third evening of your skin routine, apply a thin, even layer of the Hydroxy Acid Sebu-Clear Masque. This mask contains a combination of exfoliating acids to help clear the appearance of existing breakouts.

If you’re experiencing stubborn breakouts, the Sebu-Spot Blemish Gel improves the appearance of spots while targeting blemishes and can be used morning or evening.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to unbalanced skin, and acne is no exception. With a consistent routine, you can have breakout-free skin. Results don’t happen overnight!