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After the long holiday weekend, you may be feeling a little hungover and your skin may not be looking its best.

Celebrations often encourage an abundance of sugar, salt and alcohol as well as later nights. Facial redness, dehydrated patches, and puffy eyes are dead giveaways.

At the Studio, when a client comes in with these issues, the focus is on drainage techniques, massage, and anti-inflammatory LED light therapy. Red LED penetrates deeper into the skin to combat “hangover face” and green LED is great for soothing and calming.

If you cannot make it into the Studio, there are many things you can do at home that will help get your skin balanced and healthy.

Start your day by drinking a lot of water to re-hydrate and balance your pH level, then modify your regular skincare routine to include the following:

To calm inflamed skin start with a gentle cleansing balm.

Follow with a balancing toner.

And then add calming and soothing serums to treat redness and irritation.

As a final step, use a hydrating moisturizer to seal everything in.


To hydrate and depuff the fragile eye area, try an eye mask.  They are easy to use and offer instant results. For added cold therapy  benefits, run ice or cryosticks over the masks.

And don’t forget the delicate lip area which can become dry and chapped.

And, if you have time, take a bath with mineral rich bath salts to increase circulation throughout your body.

Pro tip: When you sleep, your skin absorbs product significantly better than it does when you are awake, so a proper bedtime routine is imperative, even if it is a quick one.