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When Dior first approached me about working together, I was skeptical. While I have been a longtime fan of Dior’s fashionhad only known fashion brands to produce quite fragrant skincare that was not particularly effective.  But as I learned more, I realized that Dior was different. Their skincare is steeped in years of research, profound science and nature, and the results are fantastic. 

Skincare Science

What first drew me in were the scientific claims behind the Dior Capture Totale line, which center around cell energy. We don’t lose cells, but our cells lose energy over time. My treatments are about using light and sound to re-energize the cells.  

Dior also shares the same desire that I do, which is to meet the needs of women and help them feel like the best versions of themselves. We also share the conviction that beauty comes from within.

My Favorite Dior Products

Dior uses accelerated Hyaluronic Acid and a floral complex with a special vector delivery system to re-energize the skin. The Super Potent Serum, which is my absolute favorite product and one I use daily, contains the most concentrated form of the complexIt has changed my skin. 

Each product has a wonderful consistency that absorbs easily, and a natural floral scent that is fresh and light.