If you have oily or acneic skin, the idea of including oils in your skin care routine might be the last thing you’d consider. However, oil dissolves oil, so by incorporating them into your skin regimen on a regular basis, you can actually help regulate the skin’s oil production.

With regular use of facial oils, you can expect to see great improvements in your skin’s texture, tone, and overall health. I have been using oils since I was a child in Poland... the US is finally catching up!

Botanical oils are oils obtained from plants that are fatty, dense and non-volatile. These oils are extracted from the root, stem/bark, leaves, flowers, seeds or fruits of a particular plant, tree or shrub, usually cold pressed or extracted by heat. Most contain nutritious proteins, minerals and vitamins

Unlike other synthetically produced oils, plant-derived oils have finer molecular structures, allowing them to fully absorb into the skin.  Certain botanical oils have great skin-loving properties and vitamins that target specific skin concerns:

Grapeseed Oil is a wonderful anti-inflammatory. It contains Proanthocyanidin, a powerful antioxidant, and is anti-microbial -- making it a popular option for treating acne breakouts. It is also rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which soften skin, increase elasticity, even skin tone, and protect against sun damage.

Hazelnut Oil is high in vitamin E.  This oil is wonderful for hydration, collagen production, and reducing hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) is extracted from the evening primrose plant. Due to its high content of gamma-linolenic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid found in plants), EPO reduces skin inflammation, treats hormonal acne, and helps the skin retain moisture. Though there is not much clinical evidence yet, it is used for the treatment of eczema.

Rosehip oil includes essential fatty acids, is high in antioxidants, and vitamins A & C. Those with normal to oily skin may prefer this oil because it’s so lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly. The natural astringent properties also help brighten the skin.

One of my favorite products that contain all of the above and more is Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. Sourced from 100% active oils, this game-changing serum restores skin’s balance, texture, and natural radiance.

Founder April Gargiulo created Vintner’s Daughter with the commitment to delivering great quality products formulated with nutrient-dense, region-specific ingredients, which include 22 different botanicals and essential oils from around the world.

Gently rubbing the oil between the palms will further activate the ingredients and using my press and release application technique will enhance its efficacy.  Follow the application with my  Facial Massager  in a crisscross motion to help increase blood flow, and help the product penetrate even deeper.

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