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Vitamin C is arguably one of my favorite skincare ingredients. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that is vital for the repair and growth of tissues in all parts of the body, including the skin, but we cannot produce it on our own. The powerhouse antioxidant is found naturally in fruits and vegetables and is commonly produced synthetically for use in skincare products. 

Benefits of Vitamin C include:

  • Increases collagen production
  • Plumps and fills in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protects from the sun’s UVA / UVB rays 
  • Strengthens skin
  • Repels damaging free radicals 
  • Brightens 
  • Evens out tone
  • Reduces redness and discoloration

What is the Best Type of Vitamin C to Use?

There are a few types of Vitamin C, with L-ascorbic Acid being the most biologically active and well-studied form of Vitamin C when it comes to skincare. Products containing L-ascorbic Acid typically feature a lower pH, with 3.5 as the optimal pH for absorption. The concentration of L-ascorbic Acid varies by formula, with 10-20% being the sweet spot for maximum benefit to the skin. 

The cons of using L-ascorbic Acid are that it can cause sun sensitivity and irritation, and it oxidizes quickly.

Other forms of Vitamin C include Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, Magnesium or Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, and Tetrahexadecyl Ascorbate. The primary benefits of choosing a formula with one of these other forms of Vitamin C are increased stability, greater absorption through the skin, and reduced potential for irritation, which is important for those with sensitive skin. 

Tetrahexadecyl Ascorbate (THD) is our favorite form of Vitamin C . THD-ascorbate is an efficient delivery system of Vitamin C. Its lipid solubility and prodrug quality penetrate the skin more efficiently than L-ascorbic Acid (LAA), so enzymes can quickly metabolize it into the active form.

See below for my favorite Vitamin C Products:

Joanna Czech C+ Serum

Lightweight and fast-absorbing, THE C+ SERUM contains a stable form of Vitamin C. It is an anti-inflammatory that helps to increase collagen production, hydrates, brightens, evens out skin tone, and inhibits melanin synthesis.

Environ C-Boost Mela Even Cream

Mela-Even Cream contains the lipid forms of the antioxidants vitamin C and E which help to reclaim the appearance of a younger, more healthy-looking, luminous skin. It helps to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and fine lines by plumping up the look of your skin.

Oio Lab The Future Is Bright

A unique blend of an ultra-powerful 15% vitamin C derivative with organic, cold-pressed oils in a potent, brightening facial oil treatment. A sophisticated combination of ultra-powerful vitamin C with milk thistle, borage, cranberry, and wild rose seed oils supports the skin regeneration processes.