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Fine lines and wrinkles are one my clients’ main areas of concern. The younger you start to address these normal signs of aging, the less you have to worry about them as you get older.

But, it’s never too late to slow the aging process down and smooth out those bothersome lines. Here’s everything you need to know about wrinkles.

What are wrinkles anyway?

As we age, our skin becomes thinner and drier. It also loses its elasticity, and the fat deposits in our face decrease in volume and shift downward. Whenever we smile, frown or make other facial expressions, our skin is no longer able to bounce back to its original shape like it did when we were young. This results in permanent lines and creases on the skin known as wrinkles.

What causes wrinkles?

Several factors affect the development of wrinkles:

  • Sun exposure: The Environmental Protection Agency states that up to 90 percent of visible skin aging is due to sun exposure.
  • Genetics: Hereditary factors plays an important role in the development of wrinkles, including when we first develop them and how many we get.
  • Sugar: There’s a huge body of research to show that sugar creates advanced glycation end product (AGEs) when it enters our bloodstream. AGEs break down collagen and elastin, leading to dull, saggy, and wrinkled skin.
  • Lifestyle factors: Smoking accelerates the aging process and alcohol dehydrates the skin, making it more prone to wrinkles.

    How can you prevent and treat wrinkles?

    It’s never too late to take steps to prevent the formation of new wrinkles. Try these methods:

    • Wear sunscreen every day: The American Academy of Dermatology recommends wearing sunscreen with SPF 30  and I don’t think you need to go higher as the higher the SPF, the more chemicals are used and can clog pores. Remember to reapply every few hours.
    • Cleanse and moisturize your skin every morning and night: Its important to cleanse and rebalance the skin to allow the skin tissue to breathe. This increases the effectiveness and results of your skincare products. I recommend cleansing with Biologique Recherche Lait VIP 02, which has BR's secret oxygenating complex with perflurorodecalin, a compound known to enhance oxygen delivery, which stimulates cell exchanges, thus increasing the results of your moisturizer’s active ingredients. Finish your skin routine with Biologique Recherche’s La Grand Creme. This cream reverses DNA damage and rejuvenates cells while preventing the signs of aging and reinforcing the skin barrier. 
    • Eat a healthy diet: Limit your sugar intake and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Two major studies found that people who ate diets high in foods containing vitamin C had fewer wrinkles and less photo-aging. 
    • Avoid smoking and excess alcohol: It goes without saying that smoking is one of the worst things you can do to dehydrate, toxify and prematurely age your skin. Alcohol is also dehydrating, and some alcoholic drinks contain a lot of sugar (or are blended with sugary mixers), which we know has negative effects on the skin. Less is better when it comes to alcohol.