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Biologique Recherche has just introduced its newest finishing serum and first tinted product, and I am quite excited. While I don’t wear makeup on a regular basis, when I do, a tinted moisturizer is one of my must-haves. I will often create my own by mixing a small amount of foundation with a moisturizer.

Makeup + Skincare

After 3 years of research, Biologique Recherche has created a product that combines its proven skincare performance with subtle makeup coverage. Serum de Teint gives the skin a beautiful finish as the last step in your daytime routine. Its long-lasting hydrating formula unifies and protects the skin against pollutants and free radicals caused by the dangerous rays of the sun.

Using Serum de Teint

The consistency is light and fluid providing easy application and natural coverage. It is non-greasy, non-comedogenic and silicone-free and there are 5 shades to choose from that can be mixed together if necessary, to create the perfect match for your skin.            

Skin is moisturized, brighter,  more even, blemishes are minimized, and it creates a gorgeous healthy glow, which is always the goal.                                  

Using your finger,  brush or sponge,  dab onto clean dry skin (forehead, nose, cheeks, chin) after your moisturizer. Delicately spread it out from the center to the outside of the face, neck, and décolleté for a natural finish.