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The Azores, an archipelago of 9 volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean have the highest concentration of hot springs in Europe and is the home of Ignae Skincare. Far below the surface are more than 300 volcanic cavities and underwater active volcanoes. This geothermal activity creates rich diverse micro-climates that nurture rainforests, black volcanic beaches, vineyards, and tea plantations.
It is in this rare, pure, pollution-free environment that Ignae’s products are formulated. With unspoiled natural resources Ignae’s key ingredients are sourced from the Azores and its many trees, plants, flowers, and algae. Its mineral rich thermal water is sourced from the crater of Furnas. an active volcano and lush region with over 20 types of spring water and thousands of unique botanical species.
Ignae combines the natural ingredients of the Azores with biotechnology to create their proprietary EPC Factor® Made of plant-based liposomes, the EPC Factor® is a delivery vehicle that allows for the penetration and absorption of active ingredients deep into the skin's dermis for rapid cellular regeneration. The liposomes are accepted readily by the skin and can treat the skin at the basal layer, where new cells are created.
With the size of 400 nanometers, the liposomes can slip beyond the barrier of the skin into its deeper layers, with minimal resistance, allowing the algae and plant extracts from the Azores Islands to be absorbed through the skin to produce superior results. Without the EPC Factor, our powerful ingredients would not be able to reach the deeper layers of the skin.
EPC Factor® is able to protect the potent encapsulated actives, contributing to prevent their oxidation and effects of light exposure while nourishing the skin.
Ignae’s products are a perfect combination of nature and science made in an incredible part of the world.
Our favorites include:
  • Ignae Daily Enzyme Cleanser: Formulated with Ignae’s proprietary EPC Factor, plus 3 naturally derived alpha hydroxy acids (citric acid, lactic acid and tartaric acid), this refreshing, moisturizing cleanser also provides mild exfoliation to support skin renewal.
Use this as a first step in your routine at night.
  • Ignae Dynamic Eye Complex: This is a complete complex formulated with a combination of high-performance peptides specifically designed to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes and diminish fine lines and wrinkles with a firming effect.
Use this after cleanser, toner, serums and before moisturizer.
  • Regenerating Body Oil: This luxurious blend contains bakuchiol, a retinol alternative, which promotes collagen production and repairs photo damaged skin f It is also packed with antioxidants including vitamin E, camellia japonica seed oil from the Azores, and anti-inflammatory actives such as squalane and argan oil.
Use after bathing all over the body.