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LYMA Laser is the first and only at-home skin rejuvenation cold laser that addresses anti-aging, dark spots, fine lines, and acne scars. I've been wary of lasers in the past because I've seen many of them permanently damage the skin due to heat-induced hypopigmentation. But the medical-grade LYMA Laser is different because it builds up the skin rather than breaking it down, stimulating ATP energy and turning on cellular rejuvenation. 

Our team of experts review everything you need to know about the LYMA Laser, including how to use it, actual results, and how it compares to other at-home devices.

How does the LYMA Laser Work?

The LYMA Laser is different from traditional laser resurfacing treatments that destroy the outer layer of your skin to stimulate collagen production. These treatments can be painful and can take weeks to recover. However, LYMA renews the skin without breaking it down and uses a cold laser instead of heat, eliminating the need for downtime. 

The photons from the 808nm near-infrared laser reach the deepest layers of the dermis, where light energy triggers a genetic switch in the skin cells, telling them not to die off but rather to recharge, regenerate, and repair. LYMA also instructs cells to produce more proteins, fighting free radicals, which increases collagen and elastin.

The LYMA Laser was born from medical industry technology called low-level laser therapy (LLLT), which has been used for decades to rebuild damaged cartilage and tissue. The laser is one hundred times more powerful than LED, combining four high-powered antibacterial blue LED lights that kill surface-level bacteria and a laser beam that regenerates skin at the cellular level, encouraging longer-term results. 

Benefits of LYMA Laser:

  • Brightens hyperpigmentation 
  • Plumps skin and improves elasticity
  • Increases product penetration
  • Reduces redness and inflammation
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces and prevents acne
  • Works with any skin tone

Effectiveness and Results of the LYMA Laser

Our estheticians, clients and customers share their experiences with the LYMA Laser.

“I was immediately interested in the LYMA laser when I learned that it both stimulates ATP energy and turns on cellular regeneration all in a portable device that you can use in the comfort of your own home. Carrying this product was a no-brainer for me, and I feel even more strongly after seeing the results personally and from our many clients.

No matter our age, we all have the same amount of cells. Instead, it's the quality that determines signs of aging, and the LYMA Laser works directly to regenerate the health of our skin cells. Unlike any other device, I've seen immediate results for superficial bumps or redness. While using the LYMA consistently for about three months, the skin begins to transform due to cell regeneration. I also love using The LYMA in my treatments as it helps penetrate the product into the skin. ” - Joanna

“I love how easy the Lyma is to use in the comfort of my own home and requires no downtimes. My complexion is brighter and fine lines have reduced. I even use the LYMA over my scars to increase the healing process.” - 

LYMA Laser reviews from customers:

After months of use, these customers share how the LYMA Laser has transformed their skin.

“Best beauty device I have ever used – thanks LYMA team - I have been using the Lyma laser for about 3 months and my acne scars have completely disappeared! Skin texture has improved massively as well.” - Martha

I am really loving the laser! I have been using it almost every day since I got it last year and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin tone/texture, overall glowiness, and reduction in hyperpigmentation. - Katie

I'm addicted to the Laser and would not be without it - getting lots of compliments recently and people think I look at least five years younger than I am! - James

How to Use the LYMA Laser

You can use the laser either before or after your usual skincare routine. However, do not use the laser over sunscreen, as this will block some of the light therapy's benefits. To ensure maximum results, make sure skin is thoroughly cleansed, then lubricate your clean face with oil or a slippy cream for a comfortable glide. Depending on your skin condition or the time of day, I recommend using The C+ Serum, Future's Beauty Drops mixed with The Cream, or your favorite face oil. The brand suggests spraying the LYMA Active Mist to activate the skin and a thin layer of the hydrating Priming Serum to optimize and prep for the treatment. Either skincare will work as long as you have a nice glide to move the device along the skin.

Once your skin is prepped, all you need to do is simply click on the device and move the laser over the areas you'd like to treat in slow upward movements, keeping complete contact with the skin. Use the laser for at least 20 minutes daily for the first three months, then use it as needed to boost the benefits. You can use the LYMA as much as you'd like going forward. You won't see any negative effects. However, anything longer than an hour a day will not earn any further benefit.

The laser has no safety issues — feel free to use it directly on the under-eye and eyelid areas. The LYMA is both safe and effective. The only thing I would note is if you have an overactive thyroid, you don't want to hold it too long there. 

Pros & Cons of the LYMA Laser

Does the LYMA Laser sound too good to be true? We believe the pros outweigh the cons when using the LYMA Laser, but it’s important to look at the full picture to determine if you are ready to commit.

Pros of the LYMA Laser

  • Increases collagen production, brightens skin, evens skin tone, heals scars, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and reduces age spots and melasma.
  • Netflix-friendly - For how powerful the device is, it’s incredibly easy to use. My clients love how they can wind down in front of the tv at night while treating their skin simultaneously.
  • Suitable for all skin types and skin tones
  • Completely safe with zero negative side effects, pain, or downtime.

Cons of the LYMA Laser

  • It takes commitment - You need to use the device every day for three months to see visible results.
  • The device is a one-time splurge purchase but comparable in cost to a series of traditional laser treatments done in a clinic or spa.

LYMA Laser vs Celluma Pro

LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy and laser can be easily confused, but they are actually two very different light sources. LYMA laser penetrates multiple skin layers, reaching the skin's base layer. In contrast, LED works more superficially on the top layer of the skin.

The LYMA Laser is a cold laser that penetrates 808nm deep, virtually reaching the muscle. Four red LED lights surround it to help treat surface bacteria, but the laser beam is the device's true force, more powerful than anything else on the market.

Its ability to reach the deepest layer of the dermis allows it to switch on a genetic code in the skin cells, signaling them to regenerate and repair. It essentially tells the dying cells to turn back "on" and to renew themselves. 

Whereas the Celluma, which is an LED device, utilizes light therapy to aid in increasing general cellular energy on a more surface level since it penetrates 415nm (blue light) and 660nm (red light) deep. 

LYMA Laser is great for targeting specific concerns (i.e., crow's feet, stubborn fine lines, wrinkles, laugh lines, pigmentation, volume loss). Otherwise, the Celluma is better for general skin health, aches and pains, and killing the p-bacteria in the cells. 

Final Verdict: Is the LYMA Laser Worth It?

The buzzy and completely revolutionary LYMA Laser is a skincare tool we think is worth the hype. It is the first and only at-home skin rejuvenation cold laser that builds up the skin rather than breaking it down. With so many benefits and no adverse side effects, my team continuously uses the device in studio treatments and recommends it to clients so they can continue to renew their complexion from home.

The Final Verdict: The LYMA is worth the investment if you are religious about using it daily for the first 3 months minimum.

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