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I don’t believe that there is one line of skincare that does it all.

I strongly believe, however, that there are many fantastic products in multiple lines that keep your skin healthy and supported, slow down the aging process, and help with a variety of issues and skin conditions.  

Mixing these products and brands together is something I regularly do in my studio treatments and in my personal home routine, and I encourage my clients to do the same. Mixing can shorten routines and enhance results and you can mix throughout your regimen.

How Do I Mix Skincare Products?

When cleansing,  the first step in your routine, try combining different cleansers for a deeper clean or to address your skin’s specific condition.  I like to mix Environ’s Precleansing Oil with their Clay Masque for a gentle exfoliation.

My favorite thing to mix is serums. I find they are more effective together because each one has a certain purpose, and if you combine them, you are addressing several conditions at once. They are great alone, but more powerful when together. Some of my favorites include Biologique Recherche’s Serum Colostrum (hydrating), Serum Placenta (brightening), Serum Extraits Tissulaires (revitalizing) and Serum A-Glyca (anti-aging).

Dispense 2-3 drops of each serum into the palm, rub them together to activate the ingredients, and use the press and release technique to apply to the face, neck and decollete.

Below is a video tutorial on how to mix serums.

Masking is another great step in your routine to combine products. Mixing Masque VIP02, Masque Vivant from Biologique Recherche, and a pinch of baking soda will purify and oxygenate the skin. I also like to blend Creme Biofixine with Creme Masque Vernix for an anti-wrinkle, healing and hydrating treatment.

What to Avoid

Before you begin mixing products, I strongly recommend speaking to a professional as it is important to understand your skin’s particular needs as well as the ingredients that are best to use to treat it. You  should also avoid mixing aromatherapy products or essential oils as they contain actives, and mixing them with your other products can overstimulate the skin.

Once you know what products and ingredients will benefit you best, you can become your own chemist and create wonderful cocktails for your skin.