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Sheet masks are a terrific addition to your weekly skincare routine. They offer instant results and easy applications. There are sheet masks that specifically address almost every skincare condition from brightening dull skin and calming irritated skin to hydrating dehydrated skin and lifting lax skin 

What Are Sheet Masks? 

Sheet masks are thin sheets of cotton, fibers or cellulose that are soaked with serum-soaked cloth sheets that lay directly on your face. Most sheet masks contain a significant percentage of water which mimics the primary composition of our skin and is also the best carrier of ingredients.

What Are the Benefits of Using Sheet Masks? 

  • One of the major advantages that a sheet mask has over other products is that it forms a physical barrier that seals in the ingredients, preventing them from evaporating. 
  • They are easy to use. No tools, brushes, or downtime are needed. And they are designed to fit and adhere to the face or neck.  
  • They give immediate results. In 10-20 minutes, whatever concern the mask is addressing, they give skin an instant boost of concentrated ingredients and the results are visibly apparent. 
  • You can address almost any skincare concern which makes sheet masks useful for any skin type, tone, and concern. 
  • There are masks for every part of the face, allowing you to use multiple ones at a time, depending on what you are trying to address. 
  • They soothe post-treatment skin: Sheet masks can be a great addition to your post-treatment or post-peel routine. As these treatments can typically be drying, a sheet mask might help rev up the skin's hydration levels. 
  • They are great to use before a big event. Makeup artists often use them to hydrate skin before makeup application. 
  • They are an idea travel companion. Sheet masks take up very little room and can be used on planes (which are incredibly dehydrating) and when you land to refresh and revive skin.

How and When Do I Use a Sheet Mask? 

While sheet masks are easy to use, there are a few rules to keep in mind when applying.  

  • Cleanse and tone first. Prepping the skin for the sheet mask is essential to reap all the benefits. 
  • Smooth out the sheet mask so that it sits on every part of the face that it should be. A spatula is a great tool for this.  
  • If there is serum left on your skin after using the mask., gently pat the serum into your skin until it is fully absorbed. 
  • Apply moisturizer and SPF (if appropriate) after you remove the mask to seal in all the ingredients. 

Depending on the ingredients, you can use a mask 1x per week – every day. They are targeted treatments that address your specific needs. 

Below are some of my favorites for specific skin conditions: 

Sheet Masks for Dull, Dehydrated Skin 

Silky and comforting, The Face Mask hydrates, soothes, and protects skin from oxidative stress. 

A high-performance treatment mask for immediate and dramatic treatment of sun- spots, age spots and dullness. 

Sheet Masks for Fine Lines + Wrinkles 

Triple-action Goji Glycopeptides instantly tighten, diminish fine lines, and lift and sculpt, while the powerful herb Centella Asiatica plumps and blurs the look of fine lines. 

A unique mask soaked in a hydrogel containing a biotechnological peptide identical to the Epidermis Growth Factor. It boosts rejuvenation of the epidermis and skin regeneration, increases collagen and elastin production 

Sheet Masks for Acneic Skin 

This dual-segment, multi-formula sheet mask soothes angry and inflamed breakouts and combats blemishes and inflammation by balancing the skin, allowing it to repair and clear up. 

A normalizing anti-acne mask for oily, inflammation-prone skin with blemishes. The active gel in the mask reduces the activity of harmful bacteria and restores and balances the skin’s microbiome. The mask calms the skin, decreases inflammation, regulates sebum, evens skin tone, and brightens the skin. 

Sheet Masks for Your Neck + Décolleté 

This bio-cellulose mask fits the curves and contours of your neck and décolleté like a second skin. The advanced design ensures optimal performance of the active hydrogel formula, powered by a combination of a cutting-edge marine peptide, rejuvenating nutrients and antioxidants 

Ideal for those suffering from lax, crepey, aging skin, this hydrogel mask tones and defines the dermis through a series of expertly designed formulas, lessening the appearance of fine lines and plumping up skin.

Sheet Masks for Your Eyes

The Patchs Défatigants are pre-soaked eye sheet masks that treat the signs of fatigue and aging in the thin and fragile eye contour area. 

These ultra-moisture locking hydrogel masks wrap closely around the contour of the eyes, infusing skin with active ingredients. They also contain a powerful Peptide Complex which strengthens the delicate under-eye skin and works to slow the ageing process.