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Japanese skincare has always excited me because of the technology and history. Dating back centuries, the Japanese are minimalists with a heavy focus on hydrated, glowing skin.

Based in Science

Ubuna is a Japanese bespoke collection of targeted serums that I recently discovered. The basis of the line is natural antibody technology, a by-product of medical research by a noted professor at Japan’s University of Osaka. He discovered that the same antibodies used to fight off viruses also effectively helped boost ceramide replenishment and neutralize skin-damaging antigens caused by exposure to external factors like pollution and sun, the antigens can trigger fine lines, wrinkles, and skin dullness.

During the research, it was revealed that the unfertilized egg yolks of the Ostrich contain one of the highest concentrations of natural antibodies that help fight the damaging external aggressors that can accelerate the visible signs of aging. Using a completely humane and sustainable process that does not harm the Ostrich in any way, the unfertilized yolks are extracted and processed to reveal their globally-patented hero active ingredient – natural antibodies.

The Drench Serum

Ubuna’s Drench Intensive Hydration Serum is infused with triple hyaluronic and amino acids, as well as their patented antibody technology, to provide intensive moisture deep into the dermis. To enhance the serum’s penetration into the skin, quickly warm it up in your hands until it reaches body temperature, then gently pat onto dry skin until it is fully absorbed. After applying, skin will feel smoother, plumper, and have a visibly brighter glow.