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In celebration of International Women’s Day, we tapped some of the most inspiring females in the beauty space for their best piece of professional and beauty advice, their can’t-live-without product and a peek into what makes them feel their most confident selves.

Joanna Czech, renowned aesthetician

Career Counsel: “I was never given professional advice. Any professional choices I have made have been me following my own instinct.”

Best Beauty Tip: “Concentrate on your night-time routine, as products are about 60-percent more effective when the body is at rest. It was my mother who received it from her mother and also part of my culture growing up in Poland.”

Desert Island Product: Environ A,C,E Oil. It contains the best combination of vitamins for skin health. It is strengthening, it supports collagen production and it is a great antioxidant.”

Power Move: “I feel stronger both mentally and physically when I am in shape, working out regularly and eating intuitively.”