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Having taken the beauty world by storm with her high-tech treatments and non-invasive techniques, she shares exactly why Dior’s Capture Totale line is a must-have when it comes to achieving a glowing complexion

Fueled by a desire to take it to the next level, the Dior skincare range focuses on the restoration of cellular energy to reactivate the skin's youthful beauty. Bazaar snagged an insider look into the formulation with esthetician to the A-Listers, Joanna Czech, and why she recommends Capture Totale for just about any skin type.

Why (and How) Dior Capture Totale C.E.L.L Energy Works...

"What synchronized me with Dior was basically cell energy because I use sound and light to stimulate cell energy. Whenever I think of Dior, I think of fashion and I was wondering whether I should do skin care and then they [started] talking to me about cell energy," Joanna says. "They came up with a complex stimulating energy of the cells. Actually, losing the energy cells does increase the aging process and it starts at 7 years old, so that’s why it’s perfectly sort of synchronized."

"When I perform a treatment [I start with a] stimulating massage to bring blood flow and oxygen to the [surface] to brighten the skin. I then follow with the Capture Totale super potent serum which is hydrating, plumping and cell-energizing. The effects of the treatment are long lasting. It’s a match made in heaven," she notes.

On Capture Totale Technology... 

Joanna studied physics and biology in medical school and notes that with the use of this technology, there was a change to obeserved in just 7-8 days of using the products. 

"I can notice the difference. The difference for my skin was brightness; the skin was unified so the presence of pores was minimized...super hydrated skin. Everybody who saw me asked, ‘Joanna, what have you done?’ Sometimes without being too scientific, those simple effects [are] what I experience and I cannot live without it! But in the age of having too many choices in an ever expanding beauty industry, it's no wonder that making the right one is incredibly hard. Over-treatment is the biggest mistake women these days make when it comes to skincare." Joanna explains. 

Why Routine Is Everything When It Comes To Skincare...

"In skincare, trying everything that your girlfriend does is a mistake...‘Oh my girlfriend is using this cream, it’s going to be fantastic.’ Firstly I would advise [you] to be in contact with an expert, and stay in touch with [them]. I’m talking about the face, that’s damaging, but I’m [also] talking about the whole body.

"More than ever, it’s so important to take care of our body now--skin is about 2 square meters and 3 kg weight, and a natural person has about 25% immune system. During sleep, we use these proteins called cytokine," she says. "They regulate our immune system, which is super important for night time hygiene, but we make the mistake of not doing it and abuse the skin by over treating. That’s what [we've] noticed at least within the last 15 years." Joanna says. 

When it comes to skincare, each step is integral to ensuring a perfect routine is maintained. Talking further on the Capture Totale serum, Joanna outlines the ideal routine to practice in the application of the product.

"[While] serum cleansing, always use toners, essences and mists to balance the PH of our skin. One of them is Capture Totale lotion--it’s infused with many nutrients, [and] that’s the one I apply with my hands... Many times I make the mistake of applying eye cream as the last step and that’s usually a waste. We usually have serums and moisturizers and then even eye cream. Then of course, comes your SPF," she explains.

But Can Capture Totale Be Used To Treat A Murad Of Skincare Issues? The Answer Is Yes.

"It absolutely treats every skin concern. It regenerates all the heavy cells, so it’s going to create a power of healing. It has great healing properties. I was applying it on my breakouts and it was super healing and brightening. When we have the proper energy of the cells they will definitely address what is damaged." Joanna says. 

But Is It More Than Just An Illusion?

Joanna discusses how Capture Totale relates to ageing and the appearance of eternal youth. 

"Like many professional treatments and products, we are definitely slowing the aging process down. I haven’t used the word anti-ageing, I’ve only spoken about slowing the aging process down. The process starts at 7 years old - that’s when we drop production of ATP cells drastically, otherwise we would turn into giants," she says.

"So, slowing down, going slightly in reverse of the way your skin looks... I’ve seen it working with women aged 58 years old. I know what women can do with their bodies. We have so many resources and it starts with a proper diet. If you address your digestive system--where 70% of everything is happening--it will create comfort and hydration. Results will not be long lasting and on the same level if you're not treating yourself from [the] inside out," Joanna concludes.