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After years of workshopping and formulation trials, celebrity aesthetician Joanna Czech launched her debut skincare line in November. Created with her jet-setting clientele in mind, The Kit (yes, it retails at $1,320, due to her decision to use the “Rolls Royce” of materials) is an edited set of essentials in carry-on-allowable sizes, natch.

Throughout her 35-year career in skincare, Czech says her on-the-go clients would come to her asking for help keeping their skin protected while traveling.

“Joanna, I’m going to India and then I’m climbing Mount Everest, what do I do?” they’d ask, “and I was running to the same shelves,” Czech says.

So she got to work on her line. Besides sheet masks and cleansing wipes, the carefully crafted line includes a PH-controlling toner, a soothing serum, Vitamin C, a light moisturizer, and a balm.

And while these are all important to protect the skin while traveling, The Kit also serves perfectly as a pared-down everyday skincare system.

You should continue using your own cleanser and Vitamin A, as well as any eye creams or lip balms you prefer, as these are “necessities for your skin on a daily basis.” But all of The Kit’s products are gentle enough to be used in combination on a daily basis or blended into your existing regimen.

Czech shares why each element is so vital to healthy skin.

The Toner
Everyone’s skin is slightly acidic, but it can easily get off balance throughout the day. This can cause inflammation and irritation, amongst other things. A critical skincare component to control pH and restore acidity levels that we dilute with cleansing and what we eat or drink, this toner, Czech says, is “super comforting [and] ideal for our skin.” Should be used daily.

The C+ Serum
Not everyone can use typical Vitamin C serums because of how their skin reacts. But this light, oil-soluble Vitamin C serum “beautifully penetrates into the dermis,” says Czech, who notes that it slows down hyperpigmentation and increases the production of collagen. Can be used in conjunction with the Soothing Serum or alternated as needed.

The Soothing Serum
“We all need hyaluronic acid, and that would be mainly in the soothing serum,” she says. Changes in temperature can cause dehydration, which leads to inflammation. This calming, anti-redness serum reduces irritation and hydrates from within. “[It’s a] no brainer,” says Czech. Can be used in conjunction with the C+ Serum or alternated as needed.

The Cream
This “comforting and hydrating” moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid and lanolin to ward off fine lines and brighten skin. The light consistency is perfect for daily use. “My philosophy altogether,” Czech says, “is respect, support, and protect.”

The Balm
This balm is a richly hydrating shea butter solution for when you need more moisture, particularly on airplanes or in cold environments. (Czech draws the comparison of a glass of water breaking as it freezes and expands—without proper protection, microfrost expands your pores, resulting in broken capillaries and redness.)

PLUS: Cleansing wipes and sheet masks for on-the-go convenience. Czech says these aren’t a replacement for your daily routine, but they’re perfect for a mid-flight or noon refresh.