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Although it’s a part of our bodies we rarely see, when faced with a backless dress, a new bathing suit or having to disrobe in front of another set of eyes, our backs can end up at the forefront of our minds with a myriad of concerns like ‘bacne,’ bra fat, love handles and more. Whether you want smoother skin, a sleeker silhouette, or tightened and toned lats, we’ve got your back.

Back Facials

Celebrity aesthetician Joanna Czech says back treatments are so common, she even has a purifying one on the menu designed to break down hardened sebum, remove dead skin cells and clear out congestion. “The exact treatment depends on the condition of the skin,” she says. “We generally cleanse and then steam, and we might use a chemical peel. I like Environ peels because they’re not too harsh and don’t require downtime.” She follows this with extractions, high-frequency currents to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, and a purifying mask followed by LED light therapy. “Light therapy helps infuse products into the skin and also stimulates elastin and collagen production, which helps reduce the look of imperfections,” explains Czech.