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Woken up with puffy eyes, pasty skin, maybe the beginning of a breakout? Welcome to a BFD (bad face day). Whatever the cause – a late night, jet lag, stress – it’s how you deal with it that matters. Here, NEWBY HANDS asks three of the world’s top aestheticians to reveal how they tackle their own BFDs.


“Depending on what the issue is, I have different ways of sorting out a bad face day. If I wake up looking tired, I use my Facial Massager immediately after cleansing and toning – it wakes up the face and gets the blood flowing. I’ll follow this up with the 111Skin Sub-Zero De-puffing Energizing Mask, while I have my morning espresso. If my skin is looking puffy, I drink a large glass of warm water with lemon and, straight after that, I use hydrating or de-puffing eye patches and do some drainage movements around my eyes with my Joanna Czech Facial Massager, my fingers or an ice cube. If there is any sign of a breakout, I apply hydrogen peroxide with a touch of Neosporin antibiotic ointment, then run an ice cube over it. And I’ll do this several times throughout the day. If I need to, I will lance the spot, too, but please leave this to the professionals – if you don’t know what you are doing, you can cause damage. When the spot has calmed down, I use Protective Nourishment’s Pumpkin Peel, Biologique Recherche’s Complexe Iribiol or 111Skin’s 3 Phase Anti Blemish Booster to help clear it faster.”