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She is one of the top in her field, esthetician, skin guru Joanna Czech. She is known for having the most gifted magical hands around. Her incredible knowledge of skincare and products makes her the go-to for brands, clients and editors. She personally trains her staff of estheticians to be masters like herself, in both her Dallas and NYC locations. Here at BARE we especially love her honest, real, open communication and approach. Then on to her amazing sense of style. The unique way she effortlessly belts a trench, wears her chunky loafers and glasses, oversized jeans, piles on jewels or swings a bag is an inspiration to stay true to yourself and what you love. No doubt her upcoming skincare collection will be something to keep an eye out for…after all she has the magic touch.

I would say my style is a combination of comfort, elegance and eclecticism…and my signature frames which are good at hiding my tired eyes.