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A new baby, a new NBC series (she currently stars in The Endgame), a new movie and New York make up a day in the life for actress Morena Baccarin (she’s not quite ready to talk about it yet, but a new line of facial oils is also in the 42-year-old’s future). “Wellness for me is making an effort for ‘me time’—even if that’s five minutes.”

Facial Exercises

“I love trying beauty products. I’m always very curious about them. When I do photo shoots or glam for an event, I’m always asking my makeup artist ‘What’s that?’ I’m into a few things at the moment: My facialist Joanna Czech has a new line that just came out and it is phenomenal. I’m very much into her cream, specifically. I love it because it’s a one-stop shop. I wash my face, I put that on, and I’m done.”