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New Year's Resolutions may seem impossible to keep, but maybe that's because they don't come with fun reasons to go shopping. So we combined the best of intentions (we're going to finally wear sunscreen! We're going to actually do our hair once in a while!) with the best product picks to encourage us to actually follow through. Here is what our style and beauty team swears to improve ... just as soon as the calendar turns to 2023.

Resolution: To Get Toned

Jackie Fields, Deputy Beauty Director:  I dread all forms of exercise, but 2023 is the year I am committing to it from head to toe. For my face, that involves incorporating massage into my skincare routine to firm, lift and smooth my skin. I have amassed a handful of tools to do this, but I find this depuffing roller from celebrity esthetician Joanna Czech most intuitive (if you're stumped, though, Czech posted a how-to video on her website). Though it can be used on dry skin, I apply a thin layer of a hyaluronic acid serum then glide the naturally cooling aluminum over my face to boost circulation and sculpt from the neck up.