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When Joanna Czech, aesthetician to stars like Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, and Jennifer Aniston, chose Dallas’ Victory Park neighborhood as the destination for her eponymous studio in 2015, the hype among beauty-loving locals (of which our city has many) was intense. Six years later, the buzz is still going strong — Czech is booked solid for months on end.

As an editor who’s devoted much of her energy to the beauty and wellness world, I’ve long considered a coveted appointment at the slick, airy studio to be the end all be all of Dallas skincare — my final facial frontier, if you will. But it’s not just the hard-to-book nature that makes the experience of being #Czeched so elusive, it’s also the price. A 90-minute customized session with the celebrity aesthetician costs $850. The same skilled hands that treat Tan France or Cate Blanchett’s immaculate complexions were never going to come cheap, after all.

But what many Dallasites — including, for a long time, me — don’t always know is that the Joanna Czech studio isn’t just about having the celeb skincare guru in your backyard. Staffed inside the sleek Victory Park spot is a staff of three talented specialists who have all undergone rigorous training with Czech herself to serve up custom facials within her namesake salon. They’re far easier to book an appointment with, and at $350 each, a facial with Lindsay Royston, Natalia Kozba, or Rebecca Herbert practically seems like a steal (comparatively speaking, of course).

What exactly makes a Joanna Czech-style facial so special? There’s her signature deep-tissue facial massage (which she believes is a key to slowing down the aging process), but there’s a subtle magic to the experience that’s difficult to pinpoint. Czech once told me she’s even seen appointments booked under false names to try to suss out her secrets. That’s why it’s so crucial that Czech herself instructs her staff — and why it’s so special to have that staff exclusively in Dallas.

This summer, I finally booked an appointment with one of the three trusted Joanna Czech aestheticians, Natalia Kozba. The experience felt as dreamy as I imagined. Once inside the elegant, clean-lined studio, I was whisked into a treatment room, where white marble shelves were covered in sought-after bottles of Biologique Recherche skincare and bottles of Fiji water were positioned in the corner.

Kozba worked her facial massage magic to start, followed by more high-tech, futuristic touches — there was an LED red light, an icy-feeling toner, and an ultrasound machine, which helped push the product deeper into my skin. Kozba would focus on one half of my face at a time, so I could truly feel the difference as each treatment was applied. Wrapped in my cozy cloth cocoon and lulled by the sounds of chill, modern pop music, the experience felt seamless. It was a facial, perfected.

As I checked out, product suggestions were made (I felt no pressure to purchase) and sizable testers were given. Someone mentioned that a lot of people don’t necessarily know about the opportunity to book with talents like Kozba. They hear about a months-long waitlist and simply move on to a new studio. That’s easy to do in Dallas, which is full of talented aestheticians and dermatologists, but for those looking for that coveted #Czeched experience, just know you’re in good hands no matter who happens to be on the other end of them in that beautiful Victory Park studio.