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The Hydration Concentrate



A 7-day treatment program designed to hydrate the skin. The Hydration Concentrate works to saturate the skin in water... Read More +

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A 7-day treatment program designed to hydrate the skin. The Hydration Concentrate works to saturate the skin in water and prevent transdermal water loss through a blend of active ingredients and humectants specifically formulated to address dehydrated and dry complexion. Benefits: NATURAL MOISTURISING FACTORS: A hydrating complex that replicates the composition of the skin. HYALURONIC ACID MICROSPHERE: Promotes long-lasting hydration, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.SODIUM POLYGLUTAMATE: Increases water levels and moisture retention. The Intense Bootcamp of Skincare, discover the medical-grade concentrates without the downtime. Born out of Korean skincare routines, Ampoules are a high-potency booster or serum that penetrates the skin with concentrated ingredients, delivering a ‘skin shot’ of actives. Ampoules work in double time to treat varied skin concerns from hydration, blemishes to fine lines, wrinkles and irritation. Created by Dr Yannis Alexandrides, 111SKIN’s Concentrates are a 7-day programme targeted to transform the complexion through a precise skincare prescription of potent and highly concentrated ingredients.Why are ampoules seen as superior skincare treatments? It is down to their innovative packaging and potency. Designed to preserve the purity of the ingredient, Ampoules are housed in a sealed glass to avoid oxidation and degradation of the formula, used in a timely sequence, the formula isn’t exposed to the environment therefore avoiding compromised ingredients. In addition to design, Ampoules are seen and proven to deliver medical-grade results without the downtime. As a result of their efficacy, Ampoules are recommended to be used when your skin needs supercharging or repairing (whilst they can be used in your skincare routine – after your toner/essence) it is recommended to work with a 7-day cycle for each ampoule to penetrate and recharge the skin.Designed with a prescriptive model in mind, 111SKIN’s Concentrates mirror the skincare solutions of our collections – Reparative, Treatment, Clarity, Radiance, Intensive and Regenerative.

Place the opener onto the ampoule and break away from the body.
Dispense the solution into hands and apply onto the face and neck, patting gently in upward motions.
Be sure to use the entire ampoule.
Repeat day or night for 7 days alongside your usual skincare regime.

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Aqua/Water/Eau, Glycerin, Methylpropanediol, Propanediol, Triethanolamine, Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid, Caprylyl Glycol, Lactic Acid, Phenylpropanol, Disodium Edta, Hydrolysed Wheat/Blé Protein, Sodium Benzoate
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