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I rarely wear makeup in my everyday life, but when I do, it needs to be creamy, natural and highlight my skin, rather than cover it up.  

When I was introduced to Manasi 7, a new Swedish brand of creamy, multi-use cosmetics in flattering, neutral shades that look great on all skin tones, I fell in love. I knew I needed to add it to my offerings, as it complements skincare and highlights skin in such a beautiful way.  

Makeup Meets Skincare

 Designed and developed in Stockholm by professional makeup artist Suzanne Manasi, the products merge high quality and high performance with the nourishing healing properties of natural, wild harvested, certified organic ingredients.  

Certified organic butter, waxes and oils are combined with raw materials and preservatives extracted from minerals, wild plants, and flowers to harness the potency and natural effectiveness of their qualities, colors, and scents. They are primarily sourced locally, minimally processed and produced at low temperatures to preserve their nourishing, moisturizing attributes. 

These little pots of goodness in cool packaging are so easy to use and enhance the skin with subtle color and glow - my kind of makeup. 

All Over Shine

Inspired by the art of natural wellness, this multifunctional shine product is used to create a perfect natural dewy glow. 

This organic, all-in-one lip, face and eye balm provides a colorless finish and sheen on bare skin or on top of foundation while its lightweight, vitamin-rich formula nourishes the skin.  

All Over Color

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This smooth versatile organic formula is a lip color, blush, contour, and cream eye shadow in one product. It can be built up from a subtle shade to a statement look or layered with other colors to create new shades. Formulated with a balance of oils and waxes, this creamy blendable formula glides onto skin and lips effortlessly for a natural flush of color.  

Strobelighter + Bronzelighter

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Formulated with natural and wild harvested oils, waxes and butters, these creamy, non-oily products highlight your features and add depth and dimension to the face. With a featherweight texture that melts into the skin the creams give a smooth look with soft-focus finish. Blended them together or use singularly, they will an all over glow to your makeup base. 

Precision Mascara

Inspired by Japanese Binchotan high-grade charcoal and made from Ubame oak and authentic ayurvedic Shilajit from the Himalayans, this rich mascara defines lashes with a delicate touch.  

A combination of organic plant waxes and selected raw materials allows this emollient mascara to shape lashes and intensify fullness. The rich, creamy formula separates and defines them naturally.