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Waxing is my preferred method for hair removal. It is proven to be more effective than shaving in both the short and long term. 

When you wax, the hair is being pulled from the root, giving you longer lasting results. It also changes the way your hair grows. Over time, hair grow back softer, thinner, and more scarce. The smoothness of your skin after waxing comes from the mechanical exfoliation it provides (from the removal off the top layer of skin).

Before You Wax

Because waxing leaves opened follicles under the surface of the skin, you should make sure that you take note of a few things before and during your waxing regimen. 

  • To ensure the best wax, make sure your hair is at least a quarter of an inch long when going for your appointment. This allows for the hair to properly be pulled from the root.
  • If you are waxing any part of your face or body that will be exposed to the sun, make sure you apply SPF after your wax (but not immediately after, as it can irritate the skin). This helps prevent the newly sensitive skin from getting burned.
  • Make sure to book your appointment at least two weeks before your menstrual cycle, as your skin is more sensitive during that time of the month.
  • Avoid waxing if you are on any medications such as Accutane, antibiotics, or retinol topical ointments, as your skin is more sensitive and more susceptible to burns 
  • With regards to body waxing, I don’t recommend going to the gym right after your appointment (sorry!) This applies to tight clothes as well. Especially after a bikini wax, tight clothes can irritate already sensitive skin.
  • Many clients ask if waxing is safe when they are pregnant. Yes! It is perfectly safe, and there is no harm in doing so. I recommend waxing in the first trimester in order to reduce the frequency of waxing, as skin becomes more sensitive later in pregnancy. Waxing while pregnant is also great because the bigger you get, the harder it is to remove unwanted hair yourself!

I also recommend using Environ’s Derma-Lac lotion, and Enhanced A,C & E Body Oil, and Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50 Corps about 3 days after waxing the body, as these speed up cellular turnover and help avoid ingrown hairs.