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Hello Joanna,

While I would love to get professional treatments monthly, my budget doesn’t always allow for it. I’ve read a lot about products and tools (such as LED or micro-needling tools) etc. that can be bought and used at home. What type of treatments do you think are worth purchasing for upkeep in between my appointments?

Perhaps the simplest thing you can do at home is mask! I love masks because they are easy and safe to do at home, and are great for many skin concerns such as hydration, purifying, tightening, brightening, lifting. They can also target one area (such as the eyes or décolletage—yes, there is a mask for your neck!), and are also a great way to take some self-care time for yourself.

Micro-needling can be done at home and I am a big fan of Environ's Gold Roll-CIT. Because the process consists of creating small micro-funnels in the skin, it is important to get expert advice before beginning treatments, as you need to understand your skin’s condition, the frequency that you should use the tool, as well as the best products to use with it. For example, you don’t want to micro-needle if you have active acne or rosacea.

Another great in-home tool is my Joanna Czech Facial Massager. Massaging tools can be used daily to enhance professional treatments.  With as little as 7 minutes a day, you can help to drain any excess fluids, stimulate blood flow, stimulate collagen and elastin production, help sculpt the face, and open the skin up to absorb product more efficiently.

There are different quality LED light therapy tools that you can use at home to enhance professional treatments. My favorite one is the Celluma Pro. The red light is my personal favorite, as it increases the production of collagen, and penetrates the deepest of all other LED lights. I also love to use the Celluma PRO on the body. Plus, it is safe for all ages.