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I always get excited when I discover a great skincare brand and it is even better when that brand is from Poland, my home country. Such was the case with Oio Lab, a Polish line that consists of unique clean beauty face oils that address different skin conditions including inflammation, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness and sagging.

Olio Lab’s’ three core values: respect for nature, a hunger for knowledge that drives them to continue researching, and fascination with traditional knowledge really resonate with me.

The brand approaches beauty holistically and is based on the concept of clean science, which in Europe, means not using over 1200 ingredients that are banned by law (these ingredients are still allowed in US products). Olio Lab combines organic, cold-pressed plant extract oils and enriches them with active ingredients that offer clinically proven results.  They do not use synthetic additives or preservatives.

They also make a point to consciously control every single detail in the process of production; minimizing plastic consumption by using violet glass bottles and recyclable paper packaging. The violet glass serves a second and equally important job of preserving the vitality of the ingredients.  And lastly, I really enjoy the pops of color on both the glass and boxes; it makes them quite photogenic.

Below is a breakdown of each face oil: