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Hello Joanna,

Recently, one of my friends has started doing facial exercises, which are apparently really popular in Asia. I can see no difference (yet) but my friend swears these exercises are going to ward off aging. What is your take? Do they work? If so, which ones should I do??

Facial exercises are very popular in Poland too where I’m from! I grew up doing them, and it was part of my education as an esthetician. They do work! However, I was never patient enough to complete them, or frequently broke out laughing while I looked at myself in the mirror making these funny faces. I am expressive enough when I am talking and laughing with my clients and in some cases rolling my eyes, so I feel like I exercise my facial muscles on a daily basis.

On a therapeutic level, I do prefer deep tissue facial massage over facial exercises for face lifting or wrinkles. Massaging helps increase muscle tone and stimulates the production of collagen. However, it is hard to notice a difference when you see yourself on a daily basis. Just like any physical body workout, to notice results, you need to keep at it! But, I think if you are a happy person you always exercise your face.

My new facial massager  was created to help make facial massaging easier and to complement your professional treatments at home. It is great for stimulating your face and neck muscles, draining and de-puffing, and can be used over your favorite serum or mask for maximum product absorption. Below is a tutorial and detailed instructions on the different ways it can be used.

Roll on!