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Our skin is the body’s largest organ. Stretched out, it measures about 2 square meters with only a small percentage dedicated to our face. And 25% of our body’s immune system is contained within the skin - it regulates temperature and has a vital function in acting as an immune gatekeeper, protecting our organs. Given these facts, if we want to maintain optimal skin health, it is just as important to focus on skincare for our bodies, as it is for our faces. 

With Winter nipping at our heels, skin needs extra care to protect it from cold temperatures and dry heat. Below are some simple tips to help keep our bodies hydrated, toned and glowing. 

The key to great skin is consistency as the results are cumulative, so if you start now, the impact will be that much greater. 

1. Start treating your body like you treat your face.

This means you should cleanse, tone, and moisturize it every day, at least once a day. There are great body products on the market that make this easy and pleasurable. 

Necessaire The Body Wash  

This daily multivitamin cleanser for skin health contains three luxe oils - Marula, Cacay and Meadowfoam, which help to nourish and soften skin. Mild plant-derived surfactants gently cleanse without stripping or leaving residue. Available in Fragrance-Free, and in two pure essential-oil scents: Sandalwood and Eucalyptus. Non-irritating. Non-sensitizing.  

Ignae Regenerating Body Oil 

This signature body oil is a sumptuous blend of botanical oils & actives that are so powerful that they are normally found in potent serums. The luxurious blend contains bakuchiol, which promotes collagen production and repairs the skin from photodamage. It is also packed with antioxidants such as vitamin E, camellia japonica seed oil from the Azores, and anti-inflammatory actives such squalane and argan oil. 

Necessaire Body Exfoliator 

This body exfoliator uses two methods of exfoliation—chemical and physical—work synergistically to exfoliate, soften, and renew skin: a gentle AHA/BHA trio (Glycolic, Lactic, and Salicylic acids) helps to remove dead skin cells, while Pumice and Bamboo Charcoal soften skin without irritation. 

Biologique Recherche  Huile Benefique 

Huile Bénéfique is a before and after-sun dry oil that contains a treasure trove of botanical oils as well as flower and plant macerates. The non-greasy formula provides a protective film and enhances your tan leaving the skin radiantly healthy and delicately scented. 

Costa Brazil Crema Para O Corpo Body Cream 

Creme Para O Corpo Body Cream is aloe leaf juice-based and contains only 10-20% water, which is a combination of Breu Branco Extract and Orange Flower Water. There is no added water other than what is found naturally in the potent extracts. This allows for an undiluted source of vitamins, omegas, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids needed to help ensure hydrated, evenly toned skin. 

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Augustinus Bader Body Lotion 

Crafted with moisture-locking technology and powered by TFC8®, this fast-absorbing body lotion hydrates instantly, keeping skin soft and supple for a healthy, refreshed glow. 

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2. The evening is the most crucial time of the day for your body routine, so do not skip it. 

Products are 60% more effective when our bodies are at rest. And remember that the air that surrounds us is filled with dirt, smog, dust, and other free radicals. These particles stick to our clothing and skin throughout the day and transfer to the surfaces we touch. When you do not bathe or shower at night, you are bringing the streets to your sheets.

Joanna Czech The Organic Body Wash Pads 

Perfect for product application and body massage in the bath or shower. These pads also act as micro exfoliators, gently helping to shed dead skin cells. 

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3. Massage, Microcurrents and Dry Brushing are great tools to tone, lift and tighten.

While there is no replacement for exercise and movement, these are great maintenance tools for your skin. 

  • Massage is a vital step in an effective non-invasive skin care regimen. It speeds up circulation, bringing more oxygen to the tissue, resulting in brighter, healthier skin. 

Biologique Recherche Massage Glove 

This must have accessory helps with the absorption of active ingredients and enhances treatment results. Its design accounts for the skin’s energy flow. One side is covered in thick spikes to prepare the skin and encourage the penetration of active ingredients. The other side has fine spikes to loosen and eliminate stubborn accumulated fat.  

  • Dry brushing should be done in the morning as it is quite invigorating. It is a great energizing and purifying treatment. It boosts blood circulation, sheds dead, dehydrated skin cells, plumps the skin temporarily through micro swelling which decreases the appearance of cellulite, and it helps flush toxins from the body. 

Joanna Czech The Dry Massage Body Brush 

Done properly, the mechanical action of dry brushing has many benefits, among them:  

  • It is a great energizing and purifying treatment.  
  • It boosts blood circulation, brightening the skin.  
  • It sheds dead, dehydrated skin cells, which increase cellular turnover and allow for better product absorption.  
  • It plumps the skin temporarily through micro swelling, decreasing the appearance of cellulite.  
  • It helps flush toxins from the body 
  • Microcurrent therapies use low level electrical currents on targeted muscles to mimic those in the body. They stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, lift, and tone the muscles, and repair damaged tissue. They have also been proven to stimulate the body’s production of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) energy. ATP energy accelerates cell repair and promotes healthier cell production, which in turn improves circulation. 

NuBody Skin Toning Device 

A microcurrent skin-toning device that visibly tones and firms body skin while smoothing away the look of dimples. 

4. Lifestyle choices are paramount to overall skin health and the way it looks and feels.

Products and treatments make up about 30% of the vitality of our skin. The rest comes from our diet, physical exercise, mental well-being, the right amount of sleep, avoiding smoking, excessive drinking, drugs, and the overconsumption of sugar.