There’s a reason colostrum is often called “liquid gold.” This nutrient-rich, miracle ingredient is the star of one of my new favorite lines: Ignae Skincare. 

I fell in love with Ignae when I visited their headquarters and met the founder, Miguel Pombo, on the Azores Islands. Situated on fertile volcanic soil far from pollutants, the company uses exciting new science and rare ingredients to protect and restore skin's youthfulness.

The Ignae product line is an anti-aging dream team: a regenerating serum is lightweight enough to wear under makeup, daytime sun damage protection, a nighttime restoration complex, and Eye Complex for the delicate tissue around your eyes. The colostrum found in these products is highly bio-available, which means that a large amount of active substance reliably reaches the circulation system. (In other words: more results from less product.)

What is colostrum? 

Female mammals produce colostrum in the first 72 hours after giving birth. Packed with antibodies, proteins, vitamins, minerals, immunoglobulin, growth factors and proline-rich peptides, colostrum is vital for newborn development.

The nutrients that make colostrum so nourishing also brighten and hydrate skin. Colostrum stimulates cell growth and repair, which promotes the healing of fine lines, sun damage, irritation, and acne. It also encourages the production of collagen, the protein that gives your skin and connective tissues integrity and elasticity.

The potent bovine colostrum used in Ignae’s products is ethically sourced, taken only from the surplus produced by their pasture-fed dairy cows. Exposure to Azores Island sea winds boosts the cows’ antibody production, increasing their colostrum’s healing properties.

Featured products 

If you're looking for a way to incorporate this potent ingredient into your skincare routine, try one of the following Ignae Skincare products:  

Eye Complex

Night Complex

Enriched Regenerating Serum

Day Complex

Featured Products

Rejuvenating Eye Complex

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Rejuvenating Eye Complex

Tri-Peptide Complex Avance Elixir

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Tri-Peptide Complex Avance Elixir