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Try An Eye Mask

Masks are an integral part of my skincare routine and I recommend making them a part of yours. They are easy to use, practical to travel with, and they can target specific skin conditions and areas of the face. My latest find is the Exquisite Brightening Anti-Puff Eye Mask.

The skin around the eyes is 5x thinner than the skin on the rest of our face, which is why it is one of the first areas of the face to show fine lines and wrinkles.

These unique bio-cellulose masks are designed to fit right around the eye contour specifically targeting the skin under the eyes and crows feet; small wrinkles that appear at the corners of the eyes and can show up as early as your late teens.

The exceptional construction ensures optimal delivery of an advanced formula infused with active peptides and plant extracts to gently smooth lines, brighten the under-eye area and diminish puffiness.

Pro Tip: For added benefits, glide Biologique Recherche Cryo Sticks over the mask.

Exquisite eye masks are free of paraben, sulfates, and paraffins, and safe for all skin types. Do not use them on broken or irritated skin.