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The Skinsheet Cleansing Coins are a travel essential. They are a revolutionary and practical alternative to disposable, reusable cotton pads and cloths made of special bio-based cotton.

Each 1-inch “coin” expands to a 10 x 10-inch cloth when water hits, offering a woven finish for gentle exfoliation. When used in tandem with your cleansing products, The Skinsheet Cleansing Coins thoroughly eliminate oil, grime, and cleanser residue without irritation, and are an ideal solution for removing physical exfoliants, masks, and makeup. 

The Cleansing Coins are made of biobased cotton from regenerated cotton cellulose, a highly biodegradable fiber that is naturally derived from cotton. Cotton linter is usually wasted, but with The Skinsheet Coins, it is dissolved into cellulose fibers and spun without binders or additives. These are more absorbent, gentle, pure, and versatile than cotton

The Skinsheet’s materials are certified for industrial and home compost, and soil and marine biodegradability.

 How To Use

Remove Cleanser: Moisten the coin with water and unroll the cloth. Sweep the cloth over your face until the cleanser is removed. 

Cleanse: Using the Cleansing Coins along with your cleanser allows for a deeper clean for your pores. Moisten the coin with water and unroll the cloth. Apply your cleanser to your face or directly on the moistened cloth. Gently massage your face in circular motions using the cloth. 

Remove Makeup, Masks, and Exfoliants: To remove heavy makeup, moisten the coin in a small dish of makeup remover and unroll the cloth. Sweep the moistened cloth over your face until makeup is removed. To remove treatments such as masks and exfoliants, moisten the coin with water and unroll the cloth. Sweep the moist cloth over your face until treatment is fully removed. 

Features and Benefits 

  • 100% Cotton Cellulose
  • 1-inch coins morph into 10 x 10-inch cloths when moist
  • Lather and remove cleansers
  • Remove makeup, masks, and exfoliants
  • Gentle exfoliation without irritation
  • Hygienic; use one cleansing coin per use, sans waste
  • Biodegradable and home compostable


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