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“VIOLETTE_FR was developed to remind you that you were born perfect.” 

Founded by renowned French Makeup artist Violette Serrat, whose career has spanned over 17 years, Violette_FR is a clean beauty collection of hair, makeup, skincare, and perfume essentials.  

I have always loved working with makeup artists because we both have a passion for the face and skin. Healthy, hydrated skin is essential to create a perfect base for makeup.  

Violette is extremely hardworking and authentic, which I respect in a world where that is rare. We both believe in simple routines and have created edited collections of products that support the skin, which is why I am so excited to be adding some of her line to my Czechlist! 

Below are my favorite picks from Violette_FR: 

Boum-Boum Milk 

Violette_FR has formulated the efficacy and elegance of French pharmacy skincare into a single product that acts as your toner, serum, and moisturizer. The soft milky formula offers instant hydration and shows long-term results in tone, texture, and firmness. 


A creamy balm that gives the skin a glow reminiscent of a neoclassical masterpiece. Create subtle radiance anywhere desired – such as the cheekbones, cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose, and décolleté – by gliding this highlighting stick over the skin. Baume-Shine fits all skin tones and is perfect for even your tiniest going-out bag.   

C’est La Cream 

This multifaceted, moisturizing barrier cream creates a lightweight, comforting cocoon on the skin. Its melt-to-velvet finish never looks too shiny and works perfectly under makeup. The efficient but gentle C’est La Cream can be used as a day-and-night cream and is made for layering on top of the Boum-Boum Milk. 

Avec Amour 

A musky, vetiver fragrance made for everyone and anyone, this roll-on scent will wake up your vavavoom. It’s sensual yet earthy, blending musky amber, santal, and vetiver base notes with ylang-ylang middle notes and uplifting bergamot top notes.  

Frange Puff 

Created as a fusion of her Parisian lifestyle with her fast-paced NYC life, Violette reinvented the traditional dry shampoo: an on-the-go dry shampoo product with a built-in brush to create an effortless hair look anywhere, anytime. The unique design of Frange Puff features a removable, washable brush and a refillable powder base. The first of its kind, this construction encourages customers to give their product multiple lives.