While each of my facials are customized, I almost always find myself using LED (light emitting diode) therapy.

It is a non- invasive way to naturally boost skin’s health, combat acne and redness, and boost collagen production among other benefits, and as an added bonus… it makes for great Instagram posts! It is also safe and painless, making it ideal for all skin conditions and can even be used on chemotherapy patients.

With LED, I can treat my clients’ fine lines, wrinkles, scars, acne, and it can also increase collagen production. Pretty impressive!

Red LED 640 nm therapy aids in stimulation of fibroblasts in the connective tissue, which is responsible for producing collagen. The “nm” refers to the depth (in nanometers) that the light penetrates in to the skin. Red is the deepest, and its depth helps to aid in the stimulation of cells, releasing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the major carrier of energy to all cells. This increases RNA and DNA synthesis, which helps replace older or damaged cells, making it perfect for anyone looking to slow down the aging process. I also use it on the fragile décolletage, and body.

Yellow LED 590 nm therapy improves the appearance sun damage or pigmentation, and improves the appearance of sensitive skin by increasing toughness of capillary vessels.  It also helps rid the skin of any wastes and toxins it may be holding.

Want to get rid of your acne? Try Blue LED 470 nm. Oxygen radicals are formed when the skin is exposed to blue light ultimately killing breakout causing bacteria.

LED therapy is not limited to the face; it can be applied to the neck + décolletage, stomach, knees and legs as well. I recommend doing an LED treatment at least once a month. The results are cumulative, so the more you do it, the better the outcome!

At home, I love to use the Deesse LED Light Therapy Pro Mask while I am watching TV or reading a book. When I want to take a quick nap and also get my light therapy in, I use the Celluma PRO. It is such an easy way to multitask.  I got one for my husband too and he secretly loves it!

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