Hello Joanna,

I developed my first set of stretch marks at age 15. I am now 21 and still have the same stubborn marks around my thigh, hip, and butt areas. I’ve tried multiple creams and oils and they still won’t budge! Where did they come from, and can I get rid of them?

Stretch marks are those long stripe-like scars that are most commonly found on the legs, stomach, breasts, and butt. These scars are a result of the skin trying to heal itself after collagen and elastin fibers have been ruptured due to the stretching of the skin, and they usually pop up during periods of rapid growth such as weight gain or pregnancy.

About 80% of people get stretch marks. And while they are most commonly found on women who have been pregnant, they are not unique to women. Men are also prone to stretch marks, although they usually develop them during puberty or times of extreme weight gain or loss.

There are 2 types of stretch marks: older ones which are white and much harder to change, and red ones which are newer and react well to treatment.  Unfortunately, you can never completely get rid of stretch marks. However, you can minimize their appearance with the right treatments and products.

Red LED light therapy stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, and works very well on stretch marks. For red stretch marks, I have been using MBR’s Liquid Surgery along with red LED, and the results are terrific!  This science-backed product contains the molecule that carries oxygen to damaged skin.

Microneedling helps stretch marks as well, and I recommend the Environ Body Roll-CIT. This roller is made of .1mm needles that create micro funnels in the skin, which helps any product applied absorb deeper into the skin for more efficacy.

I follow that with Environ’s Derma-Lac Lotion, which smoothes rough skin and boosts moisture mixed with Environ’s A, C & E Body Oil which is filled with powerful vitamins and antioxidants, to help energize damaged skin and give it a healthy appearance.  To specifically target stretch marks, I recommend Biologique Recherche’s Creme B-Stria for white stretch marks or Creme R-Stria for red ones, massaged into the skin with their silicone glove. These cremes encourage the body to naturally create more collagen and elastin in the area, ultimately evening out the appearance of stretch marks.

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