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Stretch marks are those long stripe-like scars that are most commonly found on the legs, stomach, breasts, and butt. These scars are a result of the skin trying to heal itself after collagen and elastin fibers have been ruptured due to the stretching of the skin, and they usually pop up during periods of rapid growth such as weight gain or pregnancy.

About 80% of people get stretch marks. And while they are most commonly found on women who have been pregnant, they are not unique to women. Men are also prone to stretch marks, although they usually develop them during puberty or times of extreme weight gain or loss.

There are 2 types of stretch marks: older ones which are white and much harder to change, and red ones which are newer and react well to treatment. Unfortunately, you can never completely get rid of stretch marks. However, you can minimize their appearance with the right treatments and products.

Red LED light therapy stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, and works very well on stretch marks. For red stretch marks, I use MBR’s Liquid Surgery along with red LED, and the results are terrific! The serum uses a hemoglobin substitute that replaces excess carbon dioxide with essential, pure oxygen, which refines the skin surface structure significantly.

Cosmetic Microneedling can help stretch marks as well by creating micro funnels in the skin, which aid in the absorption of the products that follow, increasing their efficacy. Environ Body Roll-CIT is a hand-held rolling device with a double roller head embedded with durable 0.1mm stainless steel micro-needles for use on the body.

I also highly recommend a combination of Environ’s Alpha Hydroxy Derma-Lac Lotion, which smoothes rough skin and boosts moisture mixed with Environ’s A, C & E Body Oil. which is filled with powerful vitamins and antioxidants. This duo helps energize damaged skin and creates a healthy appearance.

And finally, if you are going to be in the sun, always use sunscreen. This will help prevent the darkening of stretch marks. SPF 30 is high enough as long as you reapply when needed. Isdin Eryfotona Ageless SPF 50 works very well. 

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