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The Skincare Kits That Do it All: Joanna Czech Edition

Dry deserts, humid islands, and the plane rides in between - our seven-piece skincare collection supports and protects your skin wherever you go. Whether you're looking for a luxe TSA-friendly skincare kit for your next trip or treating a specific skin concern, each of our four curated sets works to restore the skin barrier and optimize hydration.

We review the details, benefits, and how to use each skincare kit so you'll know which one is right for you.

The Skincare Kits and Their Benefits

After perfecting The Kit, our original seven-piece set housed in a chic water-resistant clutch, we created three other skincare kits, including: The Brightening Kit, The Soothing Kit, and The Minis Edit.

The Brightening Kit

Who it’s for: 

Almost every skin type can benefit from The Brightening Kit. But those with dark spots, hyperpigmentation, mature, and oily skin will love this collection. Sun seekers and those with weathered, dull skin will also see results from these products.

The benefits: 

Vitamin C, found in the C+ Serum, is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants, defending against oxidative damage while evening skin tone, brightening, and increasing collagen production. The Cream is incredibly repairing and moisturizing, with an additional tetrapeptide complex that protects the skin against heat-induced hyperpigmentation.

How to use it:

After cleansing, start with The Toner, then apply The C+Serum in a press and release motion to damp skin. Lastly, apply The Cream all over the face, neck, and decollete. 

The Soothing Kit

Who it’s for: 

Those with dry, sensitive, or reactive skin types or those traveling to cold or high altitude climates will find benefit from The Soothing Kit. Traveling by plane can exacerbate or introduce dry or sensitive skin conditions, where this kit may come in handy. The products can also relieve skin post-sun or simply calm down stressed-out skin. 

The benefits:

The Soothing Kit works to protect, rehydrate, and calm the skin. After rebalancing the skin's pH, the products begin to repair barrier function, enhancing the complexion's resilience to stress. Deeply hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredients reduce redness, boost collagen production, energize, improve texture, and restore immunity.

How to use it:

As always, start with The Toner after cleansing, then apply The Soothing Serum in a press and release motion to damp skin. Lastly, apply The Balm after warming it in your hands.

The Kit

Who it’s for: 

The original Kit features seven essential products formulated to support skin through any climate. The concise set was initially created for Joanna's clients who needed portable products to continue their prescribed skincare routines while they traveled. The products perform in conditions from dry to humid, from frigid to fiery.

The benefits:

The products in The Kit work together to completely rejuvenate and rebalance the skin. Extreme climates and conditions we often encounter while traveling can weaken the skin barrier, reduce hydration, create oxidative stress, and disrupt the skin's pH balance.  

Joanna's full skincare line, found in The Kit, adapts to the skin's biology and compensates for external factors like climate and stress to restore the skin barrier and optimize hydration. State-of-the-art formulations encourage collagen production, reduce oxidative stress, balance skin pH, and normalize sebum production. 

How to use it:

Pack this set the next time you travel, and you'll have a complete skincare routine at the ready. But you don't need to be a jet setter to use this collection. After cleansing, spritz The Toner, then follow with The C+ Serum during the day and The Soothing Serum at night. Finish with The Cream or The Balm, depending on which level of moisture your skin needs. The Cleansing Wipes are there for an added refresh on the go, and The Face Mask as a skin treatment to boost your routine.

The Minis Edit

Who it’s for:

The Minis Edit is ideal for the skincare experimenter. You can try our must-have Toner and Cleansing Wipes in full size and test out the other products in the line before deciding on your favorites (although you may love them all). This is also an excellent set to bring traveling, especially with the chic, puffy clutch that moonlights as a clutch. 

The benefits:

The Minis Edit offers the same skin-supporting and protecting benefits as The Kit, just in a smaller size. The Cleansing Wipes refresh, lightly hydrate, and remove makeup on the go, while The Toner rebalances the skin's pH and preps it for the rest of your routine.

How to use it:

Whisk away dirt and makeup with The Cleansing Wipes and follow up with a few spritzes of The Toner. If your skin is feeling dry and sensitive, apply The Soothing Serum, and if it's feeling dull, then use The C+ Serum. Follow up with either The Cream or The Balm, depending on how much hydration your skin needs.

The Joanna Czech Brand and Philosophy

After 37 years as a master esthetician to the most discerning clients, Joanna has developed an expert knowledge of how products work with the skin, creating tailored skincare regimens for thousands of different complexions. 

Born out of the need for a concise, ingredient-focused regimen that can be used on the go, Joanna Czech Skincare unites decades of hands-on experience with state-of-the-art science. Since skin never has the same day twice, the seven-piece collection adapts to the skin's biology and compensates for external factors like climate and stress to bring it to its best state in the moment, and every moment of life. 

Joanna's philosophy and corresponding skincare formulations honor the synergy of ingredients and function of each product, revealing an effective yet succinct skincare regimen.

The three tenets of Joanna’s skincare philosophy: 

  • RESPECT: Cleansing and preparing the skin to receive nourishment, never overly stripping, helps respect the skin's barrier function and maintain its pH balance. 
  • SUPPORT: Supporting healthy skin function and offsetting the elements using serums and active ingredients nourishes skin and targets concerns at a deeper level. 
  • PROTECT: Hydrating products protect the skin and strengthen its barrier, guarding it against harsh climates and damaging environmental stressors.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy, Glowing Skin

Finding the right products to match your skin condition is the first step in maintaining healthy skin. But caring for skin properly is 30% products and 70% lifestyle, so eating a nutritious diet, sleeping well, and managing stress are also key to a vibrant complexion.

Booking regular facials with your esthetician is like seeing a trainer to keep your body in shape. Not only can an esthetician pinpoint and help you resolve skin issues, but their treatments can also help maintain youthful, glowing skin. 

Lastly, practicing at-home facial massage seven minutes a day will help lift and tone your muscles while enhancing the structure of your face.

Find the Skincare Kit That’s Right for You

Our collection of skincare kits offers curated regimens that target specific and common skin concerns. The Soothing Kit is great for dry and sensitive skin, while The Brightening Kit has anti-aging benefits and helps encourage a more even skin tone.

If experimenting is more your style, The Minis Edit includes Joanna's must-have Toner and Cleansing Wipes, plus deluxe mini-sized essentials so you can find your new favorites. We also sell the collection as individuals so you can mix and match with products in your current routine.