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Icelandic lifestyle brand, World of Fischer, was founded 3 years ago in Reykjavik by artisan siblings Sigurros, Lilja, Jonsi, and Inga Birgis, who all work together to formulate and hand-craft the high-quality products that make up this unique brand.

Each World of Fischer product is handmade with local Icelandic ingredients. Wild Icelandic herbs are combined with organic botanical oils, volcanic ash (from an ice cap in Suðurland), and local organic Sitka spruce to create biochemically active blends that boost cellular processes, balance the body’s natural oils and stimulate skin and hair health. 

I am always drawn to beautiful packaging and brands that focus on the details. 

And while I am very sensitive to scent, World of Fischer n.23 is so appealing.  

The line was created with such care. and a goal of blending all of your senses, be it sound, touch, smell, or taste.

We are excited to be one of the only US retailers to carry this exceptional brand.