Icelandic lifestyle brand, World of Fischer, was founded 3 years ago in Reykjavik by artisan siblings Sigurros, Lilja, Jonsi, and Inga Birgis, who all work together to formulate and hand-craft the high-quality products that make up this unique brand.

Each World of Fischer product is handmade with local Icelandic ingredients. Wild Icelandic herbs are combined with organic botanical oils, volcanic ash (from an ice cap in Suðurland), and local organic Sitka spruce to create biochemically active blends that boost cellular processes, balance the body’s natural oils and stimulate skin and hair health. 

I am always drawn to beautiful packaging and brands that focus on the details. 

And while I am very sensitive to scent, World of Fischer n.23 is so appealing.  

The line was created with such care. and a goal of blending all of your senses, be it sound, touch, smell, or taste.

We are excited to be one of the only US retailers to carry this exceptional brand.


Fischer Incense
The Fischer incense are unique scented cones handmade in Iceland by the creators' father, Birgir, with their signature scent. This incense has Icelandic essential oils and Icelandic birch tar, comes with hand-crafted tin boxes under each batch of scented cones. 

Fischer Scented Candle
This hand-poured candle is made using recycled soy wax, wooden wicks, and essential oils extracted from wild Icelandic herbs. The container is created from unused tin, and is gas heated and treated.

Fischer n.23 Perfume
N.23 is World of Fischer's first unique scent. It is handmade in Iceland and has a sweet, smokey scent with aromas like Icelandic pine, seaweed, birch tar, and black pepper.

Icelandic Tea Blend
The Fischer tea blend is a unique blend made from 100% wild Icelandic medicinal herbs. Herbs including birch, sweet cicely, angelica root, red clover, thyme, and swiss pine all handpicked in remote and untouched places in Iceland. 

Shampoo Bar
This shampoo bar is an all-natural, zero waste option for your hair care routine. It contains natural oils that are nourishing for the hair and a refreshing scent made with Icelandic Sitka Spruce essential oil and Lavender.


Face Cleansing Bar
This deluxe face cleansing bar has two purposes: use the light-colored side for a more gentle, daily cleanse. This side contains botanical oils infused with Icelandic and Oriental herbs, shea butter, vitamin E, oats, and pink clay. Use the darker side for a more exfoliating (yet still gentle) cleanse. Contains yucca root and volcanic ash from Eyjafjallajokull. Suitable for all skin conditions, including sensitive, dry and oily skin.

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Fischer Incense

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Fischer Incense


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Fischer n.23 Perfume