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So, you’re happy with your daily regimen and your skin is looking good. But could it be even better? NEWBY HANDS asks industry experts JOANNA CZECH and JAMIE SHERRILL to share their rules on elevating your complexion from better to best.

Focus on your nighttime routine

“At night, skin is around 60 percent more able to absorb your products,” explains aesthetician Joanna Czech. “So, it’s important that, each evening, you are using the right products to target your skin issues – not what your best friend is using. Be focused on what you want to improve: you can’t change the skin type you were born with, but you can change your skin’s condition. Use whatever cleanser you like in a texture that suits you, but always follow with a toner straight after to rebalance the skin’s pH – not an essence or a mist, but a proper toner before you move on to your targeted serum, and then your night cream.”

 Apply your products like a pro

“The results from using a good product are 70 percent down to the active ingredients, and 30 percent down to how you apply it,’ states Czech. “So, whatever you are using, spread the product over your face, then press and release skin with your fingers. When you press the skin, it microscopically opens, and when you release it, it closes, grasping everything on the surface just like a sponge. Do this with your skincare regimen for a few days and you will see a difference.”

Utilize vitamin A

“I love any form of vitamin A (retinol) – it’s a game changer for any skin type,” says Czech. “I recommend retinyl palmitate for anyone aged 25 and above. It’s a gentler form of vitamin A, and to get that amazing transformation you don’t need to suffer with redness and peeling. I personally can’t tolerate a prescription Retin A, so this is what I always use.”