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I am a big proponent of supporting, protecting and healing the skin; keeping it healthy, hydrated and dewy. Balms aid in this process, and can be used in many different areas of the body for numerous purposes. 

Balms, by definition, are solidified oils that melt into a liquid when they come in contact with the skin. The fatty acids in natural oils are the same as those your skin uses to create its lipidic barrier, a balm creates a similar barrier that seals in moisture and keeps environmental irritants away. 

Unlike creams or lotions, balms do not contain water. The absence of water means there are no microbial preservatives, and a much greater percentage of active ingredients, leaving a highly concentrated formula that does the job of shielding, calming, and restoring the skin beautifully.

You can use a balm for many purposes including cleansing, spot treatments, moisturizing and a treatment mask. They can be used on the face, hair, lips and anywhere on the body. Balms have the ability to repair many kinds of compromised skin including; dry and peeling skin, skin prone to eczema or burned skin. 

Because of how concentrated they are, a little balm goes a long way, and they are also great to travel with as they are usually less cumbersome than creams and lotions.

Below are some of my favorites: